Spirit & Grace Ethos

Spirit & Grace's vision is to create luxurious yet affordable designs that bridge the gap between contemporary fashion and the luxury high end market with effortless, distinctive, transitional and easy to wear items that are meticulously finished.

Made in Britain, and based in Cheshire, my brand ethos reflects my mission to minimise my impact on the environment. I do this by keeping my supply chain small, producing in limited quantities and modifying patterns to achieve maximum fabric usage.

Producing in small quantities also ensures that styles remain unique to their wearer and retain an element of exclusivity.

I create pieces that will slip seamlessly into women’s wardrobes and are not dictated by short lived, seasonal trends. I see Spirit & Grace as a small player in the growing shift away from the throw-away fashion industry.

Confident in its femininity, embodying timeless style and understated elegance, Spirit & Grace is a true reflection of my passion for detail and love of colour, print and texture.

Emily x
Founder of Spirit & Grace