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7 Days of Self-Care - Day 5: Charlie Teather, Fashion Editor of Glamour Magazine

For the 5th day of my #7daysofselfcare series I spoke with the beautiful @Charlieteather, fashion editor of Glamour Magazine!

As an avid reader of Glamour I am forever inspired by Charlie's editorials and features that celebrate independent designers and a place a huge emphasis on slow fashion and shopping with a conscious; a movement that is at the heart of Spirit & Grace. This passion and keen eye for detail is also reflected in her personal style - seriously, her Instagram is a visual heaven! 

So I want to know how Charlie balances the crazy world of fashion with ensuring her wellbeing is kept in check…

What does self-care mean to you?
For me it's more mental than it is physical. Maybe that's because I naturally take relatively good care of myself physically, but I do think the way we treat ourselves emotionally is just as, if not more, important. Giving myself permission to switch off and zone out is really crucial, as well as learning to use a kinder, more consistent inner voice and avoiding being too self-critical. 

Why do you think prioritising our wellbeing is important?
In the same way we physically fall apart when we over-work our bodies, we risk mental breakdowns when we don't prioritise our emotional wellbeing. Taking a minute to keep both in check avoids any major setbacks which could take far longer to heal.

How do you make time for self-care around busy schedules, work, and general life admin?
Working from home over the last few months has made it a lot easier, although it's trickier to tear myself away from my emails in the evening without the physical separation of office/home. In the time I've gained back from commuting two hours a day I prioritise long walks (I'll never enjoy running and I've stopped punishing myself for that), cooking and having a bit more sleep in the morning. I also never make plans for a Sunday afternoon.

What do you do to relax and rebalance?
I call my mum or one of my many siblings, cook, read, convince my boyfriend to watch a trashy new series with me, or sit on my balcony and breathe fresh air - I live on the Thames and being near water automatically rebalances me.

How do you know when you need to take time out to focus on your wellbeing?
I've recently become really adept at recognising my physical and mental symptoms. From the super obvious - panic attacks and heart palpitations - to the more subtle - constantly needing reassurance and general unease - I've learned to not to overthink them, to rationalise the likely root cause and to acknowledge the transience of each feeling.

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